The rattery

The Trouwarat rattery is primarily a tribe of love and happiness born of the French Riviera, but now installed in the south-west France : Bordeaux.

The Trouwarat is rattery to ethics based primarily on respect for the animal, in all its forms, conditions of detention, reproductions made with the aim of improving the health potential of our pet rats.

I do and I will always make sure to give my rats a maximum of comfort. My rats used for breeding will be hard selected for their behaviour and good health.

Since june 25th, 2012, Trouwarat Rattery joined the "Eleveurs Ratouphiles Associés" : gathering of breeders sharing the same ethics based on the rat respect.
For more information, please consult this page.

I let you discover my ethics in detail in the next section and my Rattery over the pages of this website.

The girl

My name is Nastasia. Since I was young, I fond of animals. I had a lot of animals : fishes, birds, rodents, turtles, etc. My first hobby was horse riding : since 2009, Praline -a very nice camargue mare- took part in my life and, more recently, Dasmil Amlalad -a young barbe horse- had joined us.

I love rats since 2006, when I adopt my two first bucks : Jack and Lucky. Since I can not do without!