Living space

For maximum comfort, I prefer a living space of 0.05 m3 per rat. Limit the number of individuals per cage improves reporting relationships by allowing each to occupy enough space. On the other hand, the cage is even less soiled. It is a choice of comfort for my rats foremost, but also for me.


I use different litters according to the seasons and preferences of my rats: hemp, but flax, straw pellets or drybed. The cage and the average age of the band can influence the pick of the litter as well as their ability to dirty or not their cage.


I don't have hammocks or others soft goods because my rat chew them and pee in. So I use a lot of plastics accessories like platforms, sputniks, houses ...


I clean the cages once a week (changing litter). Everyday, I clean the accessories like platforms, sputniks, etc. Bowls and feeders are cleaned everyday too.


I have several cages: a main cage, a maternity cage, a side cage and two boxes of transport for trips and visits to the vet.

The current cage is a Savic Zeno 3 Empire

Before this Savic, they lived in this cage :


My rats are fortunate to live in a ratroom. It gives them the advantage to get out very often. Being secure, it is not necessary to give them continuous monitoring. However, they only get out when we are there.
The ratroom is adjacent to the fishroom where we also spend a lot of time. Our rats are therefore not abandoned because of being in a separate room. We give them as much attention as if they were in a living room.


My rats are fed with seed mixture composed by : Pâtes nature, blé en grains, seigle, flocons de petits pois, millet jaune, insectes séchés, maïs à pop corn, flocons d'avoine, légumes séchés, chips de pomme, bananes séchées, sésame et cranberries.